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“Without consultation, plans are frustrated, but with many counselors they succeed” – Proverbs 15:22

Pastor Anthony Cobbs
Pastor Anthony CobbsFounder & Church Consultant
Anthony Cobbs is a Certified Church Consultant and Leadership Coach. He has 21 years of ministry experience as a Staff Pastor, Senior Pastor, Church Planter, and consultant to churches. Read Full Bio >>

The Mission

The mission of Breakthrough Ministry Consulting is to equip and empower leaders to effectively impact the lives of others. We strive to assist leaders/ministries in identifying their areas of strength and weakness in order to provide tailored recommendations for ministry growth.

The Goal

The goal of Breakthrough Ministry Consulting is to ensure that effective ministry is generated by way of our five point system: 1. Empowered Leadership, 2. Evangelism, 3. Educational Emphasis, 4. Effective Ministry Assessment, and 5. Engaging Events. Goals will be measured by statistical data and evidence-based practices.




“Rev. Anthony Cobbs is and will increasingly continue to be a critical piece of the
strategic planning, insight and development that goes into Kingdom building.”


“Rev. Anthony Cobbs is and will increasingly continue to be a critical piece of the strategic
planning, insight and development that goes into Kingdom building. He has devoted his life in service
and scholarship to understanding how the church works. His expertise would be an invaluable asset
to any pastor, leadership team or church planter.”

Pastor Adam Zarb-Cousin, Greater Joy Church, San Antonio, TX

“Pastor Anthony Cobbs is an anointed and talented gift from God, to the body of Christ. His
wealth of experience and insight offers perspective and practicality. Not only is his work cutting
edge, but most relevant and germane to a variety of diverse context and generations.”

Pastor Tony Sanders, Koinonia and Friends House of Worship, Omaha, Nebraska

“Our church has definitely benefited from the prayers, consulting, advice, and advisement
of Pastor Anthony Cobbs. I am grateful for what he has sown in to GodChasers Community Church.”

Pastor Donte Banks, Godchasers Community Church, San Antonio, TX

“Anthony Cobbs’ preparation and passion for the Lord and the Lord’s church is evident in
his approach to Kingdom Ministry. His talents and skills are a gift to the Body of Christ.
He will be a blessing to the Pastor, leadership, and laity.”

Dr. Selwyn Q. Bachus, Salem Baptist Church, Omaha, Nebraska



This service offers an individual to directly operate in the interim role of a Staff Pastor/Director. The person will serve for the time agreed upon by both parties. Within the specified time frame, BMC will develop infrastructure and thriving ministry using the 5-point system. An appraisal of the ministry will be completed before services rendered and a comprehensive status report with recommendations will be submitted to the church/ministry after services provided by BMC.
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Our most requested service brings the expertise of Pastor Cobbs to conduct a One-day workshop (or a Friday night/Saturday combination) addressing a specific need in your ministry. Examples include, church assessments, ministry vision-casting, youth or young adult workshops, and leadership strategic planning. We will tailor the workshop to meet your need.
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This service offers an individual to work in tandem or alone in efforts of completing a specific project that will further develop and enhance the said ministry. Example: If you are planning a youth conference, youth retreat, or youth musical, BMC will complete the project for the identified ministry. BMC is secured on a project by project basis and commits to the time needed to complete the given project.
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This service offers assistance in assessing and evaluating the church and its ministries. We will conduct a Church Health Survey, offer demographic studies, and help with leadership development. We also offer church “secret shoppers” and strategic planning and coaching. (Time varies)
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Pastor Cobbs is available to preach, teach or speak at your worship services, Bible Study or special events, conduct workshops and trainings. Whatever your church needs, we’re here to help.
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* All services are based on the specific need of the ministry and will be
tailored to the culture and style of worship for each client.


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