Breakthrough Church becomes Breakthrough Ministries and Consulting. In 2011, 20 people met in the multi-purpose room at the Molly Pruitt Library determined to support the vision of Pastor Anthony Cobbs in launching a new ministry. After prayer, preparation, and planning, Breakthrough Church launched on January 1, 2012. The Lord blessed the church to minister to people through Sunday worship services and community endeavors, but the real fruit of Breakthrough began to show in its online presence across the country. Hundreds of people downloaded the church’s free mobile app and regularly listened to Pastor Anthony preach the gospel, read his blog, and followed the daily Bible reading plan. The blog is one of the highest read blogs on, the online site for the San Antonio Express News. Over the course of time, Pastor Anthony began connecting with other pastors in the city and across the country. He began to notice a heavy burden upon pastors who needed help, resources, and sometimes, rest. He began working with pastors and ministry leaders, finishing up his doctorate in Leadership, and finding himself called upon to help other ministries in various ways. Pastor Anthony felt the leading of the Lord to transition Breakthrough Church to Breakthrough Ministry Consulting. The ministry no longer holds Sunday morning services but continues to spread the gospel through several ways:

  • The Free Mobile App available on Android and Apple devices (currently serves over 800 people and counting)
  • Community service and outreach—In 2014 we have supported numerous community organizations in toy drives, clothing giveaways, and help with youth activities
  • Pastor’s blog (seen on an average by 6,000 readers per month)
  • Ministry partnerships—we find ministries that need help with volunteers, advertising, support, and prayer and fill in where we can
  • Marriage Services—Pastor Anthony is certified as a pre-marital facilitator with Prepare and Enrich and has partnered Breakthrough with Texas Twogether to offer pre-marital guidance sessions as well as facilitating wedding ceremonies
  • A Clean Heart Project—Breakthrough Ministries is partnered with the Baptist Health Foundation to offer tips and tools for pastors and ministry leaders on how to be heart healthy. A series of exercise tips and nutritional advice are geared toward helping the African-American pastor especially make healthy choices

As you can tell, the ministry lives on but not without your continued support. Breakthrough Ministries still survives on the generosity of its friends. You can support these efforts by making a donation here.

Pastor Anthony is excited to now launch Breakthrough Ministry Consulting, a service to pastors, churches, and ministry leaders that combines all aspects of what Breakthrough is all about. From this new venture, there will be resources for the urban church that will help develop leaders and most importantly, expand the kingdom of God. Though Breakthrough has evolved, our mission has never changed. We continue to help people know Christ, grow in their faith, and show love to the world.

Pastor Anthony and the Breakthrough Team